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Whether you are an entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, or a work-from-home Mom, Boss Ladies are driven to succeed and want to bring others along with them! If you desire to make your life extraordinary, to reach and exceed your goals, and to learn from like-minded women, then the Boss Lady Community and Podcast is for you!

Teresa’s expertise in leadership, staff development, and career coaching are skills she will share with you. Join Teresa Rand for this unique podcast!\

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Episode Listing and Descriptions

Episode 1

Introduction to the Boss Lady Podcast

In the first episode of the Boss Lady Podcast–you will get to know Teresa Rand, the founder of the new and exciting Boss Lady Community. Listen in as Teresa talks about her life and work, why she is passionate about being a Boss Lady, and how women can support each other. Learn what makes this group unique and how the support from the Boss Lady Community will make a difference in your work and home life.

As women, we all know that achieving a work-life balance is not easy. This is why the Boss Lady Community and Podcast is for you!

This episode is a chance for you to grow both personally and professionally by listening to and learning from women who offer actionable tips you can immediately put into practice!


Episode 2

Kahlin Grant of Kapow! Social Branding

If you have a business, you know how important social media is. But creating consistent content and building engagement on social media takes a lot of time…like a LOT of time.  Join Teresa Rand as she interviews Kahlin Grant, the owner of Kapow! Social Branding. Kahlin shares her story of leaving the security of a high-paying corporate job to follow her dream to have her own business and the sacrifices she has made to make that happen.

Get tips on how to:

*Tell your unique story with a social media strategy that packs a punch

*Customize your content to reach your target audience

*Build brand awareness and generate leads

Picture fresh, custom content rolled out consistently while you’re putting your focus back on your business? Then you will want to join us for this fun AND entertaining episode!


Episode 3

Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid! – Teresa & Al

“Life is about doing things that make you afraid!” RANDom thought by Teresa Rand

Listen as Teresa and Al discuss being afraid and doing it anyway, among other topics.

Learn how to share your RANDom thought at 1-833-TBLRAND (1-833-8257263). If your thought is used on a future episode you will win a Boss Lady prize!

On this episode, Teresa and co-host Al Smith discuss the 100 year anniversary of the 19thamendment giving women the right to vote and ending with Al asking Teresa some RANDom questions.

You will want to hear the answers!


Episode 4

You Got This with Krista Goodrich

Teresa’s guest, author and serial entrepreneur, Krista Goodrich, shares her RANDom thought on this episode. Krista is the author of The Boss Lady Investor and the owner/founder of more than 40 business ventures. She shares her wisdom on how she became a millionaire by the age of 40!


Episode 5

Put me in Coach with Al and Teresa

Have you ever thought you needed a coach to help you navigate your life and/or your career? Listen to this episode as Al and Teresa discuss their experiences with coaches and how a coach can assist you in achieving your next goal.


Episode 6

Dr. Delicia Haynes

Dr. Delicia Haynes; CEO and Founder of Family First Health Center, an integrative membership-based family medicine clinic with a worldwide reach. Dr. Delicia Haynes has been recognized as a “trail blazer” in revolutionizing America’s Healthcare system with the Direct Primary Care movement— a model that provides a range of services for an affordable flat monthly rate. She is on a mission to advocate for the “sacredness” of the doctor-patient relationship, helping patients and physicians redesign their relationship from a place of true service. Listen to her story of how and why she became a physician and how she is changing the healthcare system one patient at a time!


Episode 7

Dr. Primrose Cameron

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Want to laugh, cry, be motivated, and be challenged? Motivational speaker, Dr. Primrose Cameron, touches on every emotion in this episode.
As a life-long educator, counselor, and community activist, Dr. Cameron will inspire you and leave you wanting to hear and do more! You will gain insights on accountability, life balance, and activating your vision.
Listen in for your dose of motivation today!


Episode 8

Dr. Dawn Chappell

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Are you having increased anxiety, trouble focusing, or something just “doesn’t’ seem quite right”? You are not alone. In this episode, Teresa has a frank conversation with licensed family and marriage therapist Dawn Parr Chappell about how we all are surviving 2020.

Dawn offers tips on dealing with added stress or anxiety and how we can all make it safely through tough times. She also gives tips for families that are homeschooling, virtual learning, and/or going into the classroom, as well as offering techniques to cope with working from home or being out of work.


Episode 9

Dr. Connie Mitchell and Sage Day

“Women were tired of being mistreated, so they started to plan”.

Kids say the darnedest things: “It just wasn’t right”, says National Youth Poetry Winner, Sage Day, in discussing with Teresa why she wrote the poem about Women’s Suffrage titled 1920 – 2020.

Dr. of Chiropractic Research and STEM Educator, Dr. Connie Mitchell joins in as one of Sage’s educators. Dr, Connie discusses her RiversEdge S.T.R.E.A.M. program and her award-winning project on “Multiculturally-Relevant Pathways to STEM”.

Listen by clicking here (new episode will be posted Thursday) 


Episode 10

“The Social Dilemma” -Teresa, Al and Bobby

Lions, Tigers, and Bears OR Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; OH MY! Social Media: Are you addicted to it or simply refuse to partake in any at all? Either way, you will want to listen as Al, Bobby, and Teresa discuss the Netflix film, “The Social Dilemma”. You will gain new insight about the movie, social media and the impact it is having on your life.

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Episode 11

Piros Pazaurek

Cultivating Growth! Learning! Knowledge! Cultures! Marketing!

Teresa chats with Piros Pazaurek, owner of Marketing X-Rays and Honorary Consul of Hungary for Central Florida, about all that plus starting a non-profit, moving to a new country, and writing a book. An informative and enlightening episode with so many actionable tidbits that you can use in your own business. 

RANDom thought for the day: “We can all make a difference and have a positive impact on the world around us”. Piros Pazaurek

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Episode 12

What is that voice in your head telling you?  Sit and Listen.

Mindfulness Meditation: what is it, what is it not?

You do not have to sit in lotus and chant to benefit from meditation.
Teresa and Al discuss what is mediation and why should you do it as often as possible.  As a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation (MBSR),Teresa leads the listener in a meditation session. Sit still, take a listen and breath!

RANDom thought: “I have no excuses, but excuses”. Debra

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Episode 13

Stuff Happens?

When stuff happens how do you react? …with anger, frustration, or joy?

Listen to Teresa as she describes the stuff that has happened the last few weeks and how she keeps moving forward in the midst of every circumstance!

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Episode 14

Need an Attitude Adjustment?

‎Join author, CPA, and entrepreneur, LeAnn Shaw, as she tells us how to show up positive.

Teresa, Al, and LeAnn also discuss changing your business in the midst of a pandemic.

This episode will uplift you and give you tips on checking your attitude!

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Episode 15

Hip hop, Femininity, Spirituality, and Passion!‎

This Boss Lady can sing, preach, and motivate. Listen in as Mahogany Jones charms us with her spirit and her enthusiasm. To close out the show she makes up a Boss Lady Hip Hop Song on the spot! You will want to listen to the very end!

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Episode 16

Make Space for More of You!

Previous guest, Pastor Katy, Teresa, and Al talk about spirituality and religion on this special Thanksgiving Day Episode. Katy gives us all much needed advice and words of wisdom on self-care.

Plus you will hear about a new monthly addition to the Boss Lady Podcast and an upcoming free training taking place in December!

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Episode 17

RANDom Stuff

It’s an engaging and light episode with Al and Teresa discussing a variety of topics. Everything from Thanksgiving to COVID to politics to creating the perfect resume and finally, preparing for 2021! Listen in and join the conversation by commenting on the boss lady community Facebook page. We would love to hear from you! 

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Episode 18

Suzanne Forbes

Who doesn’t want to be #1 and have a barracuda as a pet? Listen in as Suzanne Forbes, Managing Partner for James Moore and Company tells us how to put both family and work first. So many lessons in this episode!

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Episode 20

Shaba Shams

Shaba Shams, the CEO of Shaba Enterprises, a career and business consulting firm, discusses with us how she left her “job” to become an Entrepreneur and the steps she has taken during Covid.

Her goal is to Inspire-Empower-Connect. Shaba is an international speaker and trainer and has many high energy stories to share. Put on your seatbelt and listen in!

Episode 21

Now What!? Reflecting on 2020

Pastor Katy, Teresa, and Al have an introspective and hopeful Holiday discussion. Pastor Katy shares a Holiday message that is perfect for this time of year, no matter your religion.  Listen in and begin to reflect on the impact of 2020 and how we can begin to plan for 2021.

RANDom thought: Reflection is good for the soul

Episode 22

Ready, set, GOals! 2021 is here!

Yes, thank goodness 2021 has arrived! Al and Teresa discuss how to set SMART goals for 2021. Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Listen in for Teresa’s different version of this acronym. This episode will give you tips on setting your 2021 goals that you can put into action immediately. Click here to listen!

Episode 23

Owning and Protecting your work: Lori Sandman

Teresa talks to Patent Attorney, Lori Sandman, about how to make sure you
protect your brand, your inventions, and/or your work. This is a don’t miss episode if you are an inventor or entrepreneur. Click here to listen!

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