Boss Lady

Your Slump Survival Kit

RANDom Thought: Progress equals Happiness – Tony Robbins Al and Teresa get down to brass tacks on the realities of the dreaded ‘slump’…and some fresh perspectives.  How do you avoid one?  How do you survive one?  …Buckle up, you might even NEED one.  All this and more in this episode! Click here to listen to…

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What is The Boss Lady Community?

Dear Boss Lady: I am excited to introduce you to the Boss Lady Community! This group of dynamic women is here to embrace you, empower you, and educate you on all things BOSS LADY! There are big and important topics to discuss and your contribution is needed! I promise to offer you a safe and…

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Join The Boss Lady Community

Who is invited to join us: all Women because we are all bosses; whether you work inside or outside your home, are a CEO, an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter, You are a woman and you are a BOSS. The handout and the application is below or click here to fill out electronically. Please send any…

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