Bring in expert help for your life and business

Former CEO turned Career Success Consultant


As a former CEO of a multimillion-dollar organization, Teresa brings more than 29 years of expertise to you and your organization. In her career, Teresa managed budgets from three million to thirty-five million and employees numbering over 1000.  


Her expertise in fundraising, staff development, and career advancement are strong skills that allowed her to grow very quickly in her career.



“Teresa is an inspirational and confident leader who motivates those around her with honesty, integrity and empathy. She creates an environment that is embedded with positivity, but constantly strives for excellence by challenging mediocrity. Her commitment and passion for the personal growth and development of others shines through everything she does."

Amy Haralson Kienle
President & CEO of Georgia Mountains YMCA

With organizations:

Over Teresa's 29 years as a leader in business, she's seen the same problems in the workplace come up over and over again. The key to addressing these problems? Training and investing in your staff. From top level executives to entry-level new hires, your business's employees are your biggest asset. Training and developing your staff to effectively communicate, develop leadership skills, and assess and define their strengths is essential to a well-functioning workplace. And a well-functioning workplace pays dividends in myriad ways, including growing your profits


Teresa coaches teams using their Strengths or DISC assessments so they may work more effectively together to produce better and faster results.  

With individuals:

Teresa's consulting and coaching with individuals began naturally as she has mentored young new leaders ready to make their mark. Her mentees were wildly successful -- three are now CEO's of their own organizations.


As an independent career and life success strategist, Teresa works with individuals in many different situations and career positions. The common theme among them is they're in a phase of transition. Whether it's transitioning to a new field, new position, or to an entirely new phase of life -- she uses her experience and wide-range of tools to lead them to their next stage.