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SEX talk from the Pulpit!

Pastor Katy…talks about SEX! Yep, you read that correctly. You will have to listen in to get all the juicy details. Connect with Katy on her LinkedIn or at her website! Click here to listen to The Boss Lady Podcast

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“Girl Friends” Why you MUST have them!

RANDom Thought: Girls just wanna have fun – Cyndi Lauper Pastor Katy and Teresa talk about the value of having girlfriends and why you need them your entire life! (Al is on vacation. 😊) Click here to listen to the latest Boss Lady Podcast

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Do You Want (or NEED) a Mentor? TWO PARTS!

Teresa and Al host two back-to-back live shows on LinkedIn’s ‘Fishbowl’ platform. Each show is about mentoring— Do you need a mentor; How to find the right mentor; How to be a good mentee… and more! You don’t want to miss these episodes! Click here for Episode One Click here for Episode Two

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