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The Show Must Go On

RANDom Thought:  Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. Teresa and Al visit with local entrepreneur Danna Alencar, AKA, DJ Jukebox Bully and founder of the Locals Mix. Danna tells her story about becoming an entrepreneur while working full time, raising two young boys, AND starting another…

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Is It Time to Give Up on Work-Life Balance?

This is an age-old topic that never goes away! Join Teresa as she interviews Cherylanne Skolnicki, host of Brilliant Balance Podcast. Cherylanne is an expert in helping us feel as if we can “have it all”. She gives us actionable tips on how to meet career deadlines while still being a good partner, spouse, and/or…

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Technology!? What’s a business to do?

Join Teresa and Al as they talk about technology and your business. Their guest is Professional Digital Strategist and website developer, Brandi Bernoskie. Brandi shares valuable tips on aligning social media platforms to ensure your business is sharing a digital experience instead of simply a digital presence. She answers questions like, what is fifth dimensionality and why…

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