Introduction to the Boss Lady Podcast

  • You may know where you want to be, but you have to take steps
  • If you want to make decisions, you must be at the table
  • The job of a coach is not to give advice it is to ask you questions you haven’t thought of to ask yourself.

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In the first episode of the Boss Lady Podcast–you will get to know Teresa Rand, the founder of the new and exciting Boss Lady Community. Listen in as Teresa talks about her life and work, why she is passionate about being a Boss Lady, and how women can support each other. Learn what makes this group unique and how the support from the Boss Lady Community will make a difference in your work and home life.

As women, we all know that achieving a work-life balance is not easy. This is why the Boss Lady Community and Podcast is for you!

This episode is a chance for you to grow both personally and professionally by listening to and learning from women who offer actionable tips you can immediately put into practice!


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